Screens Fireplace

A simple, single panel, wire mesh fireplace screen.A firescreen is not only a smart choice for preventing sparks and flames from escaping your fireplace and causing damage or harm, it is also a simple way of adding charm and elegance to your home.

Fireplace screens were originally used to help regulate how the radiant heat of an indoor fire spread throughout a room, and to protect people, furniture and the home from open flames, flying embers and excessive warmth. Fire screens were also used as decorative pieces to hide the ashes or empty grate of an unused fireplace. Cheval (or "horse") screens had attached legs and were placed directly in front of a fireplace. Pole screens were smaller, flat shields attached to a pole on which the shield could be moved up or down to block heat from a fire if someone became uncomfortable from the high temperature.

Early fireplace screens were usually flat panels made of wood, leather, paper mache or wicker. Contemporary firescreens are more commonly made of sheet metal, glass, or wire mesh and have become quite decorative compared to their simpler and more strictly utilitarian ancestors. Firescreens are currently available in a wide variety of materials including iron, pewter, copper, glass and wood — the latter most often being only for decorative purposes given wood's flammable nature. They are also available in a variety of configurations including flat single panels, bowed single panels, or three or more hinged panel screens.

While the materials and styles have changed over the centuries, screens for fireplaces still primarily serve to protect people, pets, floors and furniture from fire, sparks and scorching. If you have an open fireplace, it's essential to make a small investment in a firescreen to protect your family, home and possessions from errant sparks and flames. Fireplace screens can be purchased from furniture dealers, fireplace stores (if you're lucky enough to have one near you) or online. While buying a fireplace screen online might require additional shipping costs, the extra money is usually worth the wider selection of styles and types available from online merchants.

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