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Choosing a Fireplace Screen

A simple, single panel, wire mesh fireplace screen.Selecting a screen for your fireplace is much like choosing any other piece of furniture for a room and will be largely based on your taste and needs. The only difference might be that you should make sure that the screen meets the basic requirement of being able to block flying embers from escaping your fireplace — if you are looking to screen a fireplace that is used for fires. Most firescreens on the market will of course meet this requirement, however some screens are strictly decorative and aren't meant to be used in front of an open fire. Wooden fireplace screens can be used as decorations in front of unused fireplaces, but if you are looking to shield an active fireplace, you will need a screen made of sheet metal, wire mesh, or glass.

When making your selection, take care to select a screen that will fit the size, style and decor of the room in which it will be used. For example, if the room is small, a flat single panel screen will be best as it will take up less space and not look out of place. Likewise, if your room is larger, a larger multi-panel screen will make more sense. Similarly, if your room is simplly and understatedly decorated, look for a simple and understated screen which will match the decor. But if the room is more ornately decorated, of course a more ornately decorative screen will fit the room much more nicely.

Fireplace screens range widely in price. The middle range is of a couple hundred dollars, while you can get screens for as little as $40, or as much as a few thousand dollars. The quality and durability of materials and craftsmanship are usually what determine the price, although whether the screen is an antique may also be a factor. Deciding how much to spend on a fireplace screen is really a matter of what you can afford to spend. Inexpensive screens will work just fine, but if you are really looking for a highly attractive screen or one which fits your décor just right, it may be worthwhile to splurge a little so long as you can afford it.

These days there is such a wide variety of screens available for your fireplace that it is worthwhile to search online to find the screen that perfectly suits your home. Don't settle for a less than attractive screen, one that takes up too much valuable space in a small room, or one that does not fit the style of your home's decor. Check out our links page for links to online fireplace screen merchants.

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